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WOW #167: A “Two for One” System

post date iconMay 8th, 2013 author iconWendy Sue Anderson
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dividing line

Do you ever sit down at your craft table just to create a quick card? I sure do…and all too often, it’s a “last minute” thing for me.  I’m not sure why, with all of the crafting and card-making I do, I often find myself in need of a card when I’m ready to walk out the door to a party or gathering.  This is a habit I’d really like to break, and I’ve found that the best way to work ahead and be more prepared is to start incorporating a “two for one” system.  The plan is simple – every time I pull out supplies to create a card, I’m going to make another card at the same time – it can be an exact replica or just use the same supplies, or even the same design.  Here’s what I mean:

bundle of joy boy card set of 2 by wendy sue

Recently, I needed one baby boy card to give to a friend.  I pulled out my brand new “Bundle of Joy” collection from Echo Park Paper Company.  I decided which elements I wanted to use and put together a card.  While I had all of the supplies already out, I used similar elements to create a second card.

bundle of joy card by wendy sue detail 1

I used the “mirror image” of the design, along with similar elements. The cards are not exactly the same, but since I had everything at my fingertips, the second card went together really quickly!  I’ll put the extra card in my basket and save it for future use.

bundle of joy card by wendy sue detail 2

Now I want to challenge YOU to start incorporating the “two for one” system every time you create a card.  I bet you’ll build up your card supply in no time and you’ll avoid those last-minute card making sessions altogether!

Divide & Conquer

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WOW #167: A “Two for One” System

Wendy Sue Anderson